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Off-Page Optimization

It can also be called off-site SEO and these are the actions that take place off your website and they have an impact on your rankings on SERPs. Off-page optimization is focused on the user’s perception of your website’s relevance, authority, trustworthiness, and popularity. To accomplish this, you need other reputable online spaces to promote or link back to your site signifying they vouch for the quality of your content.

Why is off-page optimization important?

There are so many off-page factors that Google takes into consideration while ranking your site. As a result, relying on your content alone to rank high on SERPs is futile. The two should work hand in hand. Off-page optimization is what gives the opinion of others towards your website to Google.

At Tjabo digital we understand that it’s not about having many links from just anyone but the right one. We make it possible for you to get links from relevant and high authority sites therefore, ranking your site higher on SERPs. We carry out several off-page SEO activities including link building, brand mentions, forums participation, social networking, content marketing, Q & As, newsletters, among others. 

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