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10 Ways SEO and Digital Marketing Boosts Revenue

Your website looks great, and your customer service is unparalleled. Now it’s time to increase your revenue. Here’s how SEO and digital marketing can help.

Are you looking for a way to truly grow your business in 2018?

Every business is hungry for expansion, because expansion means more revenue. With a changing market, however, it can be hard to identify cost-effective ways to boost profit margins and grow your customer base.

This year, you won’t have to bring on an entirely new department in order to rake in the numbers you’re craving.

SEO and digital marketing are the way of the future when it comes to business growth.

Whether or not you’ve dabbled in SEO or other online marketing efforts, we’ve got insight into how these techniques can transform your company, no matter what industry you’re a part of.

Read on for more!

1. Increase Brand Visibility

This is one of the biggest reasons why solid SEO and digital marketing efforts can absolutely transform your business.

The principle is simple. The more visible your brand is to multiple audiences, the greater your chances are for gathering more customers and raking in the revenue.

This is the heart of marketing, no matter where you’re coming from and whom you are trying to reach. Your goal is to get noticed, because that’s the first step in the conversion process.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works exactly from this principle. Simply put, SEO means optimizing your online content in such a way that your web pages, blog posts, and/or social media content will appear at the top of search engine listings.

Think about a typical Google search that you make. What do you type into the search box? What do you look at after you press ‘Enter’?

Chances are, you type a succinct keyword or phrase–such as “digital marketing trends in 2018”–into Google and browse the results that are toward the top of the search listings.

You may click to page 2 of Google’s results, but this would only be if you didn’t find a satisfying answer on the first page.

Businesses realize that the prime digital real estate lies in these higher rankings on page one of search results. The good news is that you can snag that prime real estate and enjoy the subsequent brand visibility by implementing SEO.

Local SEO, which we’ll talk about in point #7, can leverage your brand visibility with local communities and audiences.

The internet is a massive platform, and everyone makes searches of some kind through sites like Google and Bing.

SEO helps you take advantage of this by giving you the highest possible ranking and helping you be digitally seen.

2. Mobile Is the Future

Mobile devices are everywhere, and this will continue to be the case in 2018 and beyond.

People use tablets and cell phones to read the news, search for key information throughout the day, and communicate through apps.

When it comes to making Google searches, more people make these searches using a mobile device than a desktop computer. This means that you’ve got a massive marketplace at your fingertips: the mobile user audience.

SEO and digital marketing harness the full power of this fact.

For one thing, digital marketing can be tailored specifically for mobile users.

You can take your digital marketing game to the next level simply by making sure that your website is optimized for mobile use! This means that anyone can access your site from any device and your online content will adapt to the screen size of the device the visitor is using.

Because over a third of e-newsletter readers access newsletter content through mobile devices, starting up an email campaign can also boost your brand visibility and revenues.

Maybe you launch an app for your company. This alone can take advantage of the fact that most new media consumption is happening through apps.

The good news about all of this is that optimizing your site for mobile use, sending out e-newsletter campaigns, and launching an app are cost-effective digital marketing solutions.

SEO makes your content more visible in search results.

And because most people making searches use mobile devices, a solid SEO and digital marketing strategy means that your brand will be highly visible to consumers 24/7.

3. Leverage Your Website

All SEO and digital marketing efforts have a common origin: your website.

If you just spent a lot of money on transforming your web design, don’t worry–that investment won’t go to waste. By implementing SEO and digital marketing, you’ll be shining the spotlight more brightly on your website.

Your website is a critical component of all marketing efforts. It can determine so many things, most especially your conversion rate and overall revenue.

What’s more, your business website gives visitors a valuable first impression of your brand. It can provide a specific user experience that can nurture leads or send them running.

You can boost revenues simply by wooing a customer with your website and enabling a purchase right then and there!

With such a powerful tool at your fingertips, it’s important to do everything you can to leverage it. SEO and digital marketing can help.

A solid SEO campaign will make sure that all pages on your website are optimized for specific keywords and phrases that people may search for. This includes any blog posts that you may have and any other content out there on the world wide web.

This means that users will have greater access to all of your website content at all times, and not just the home page.

What’s more, you’ll be making sure with your digital marketing efforts that your website is behind every bit of content you promote.

This is essential because your website is the heart of your revenue operations: sending a consumer to your website is equivalent to sending a customer through your brick-and-mortar front doors.

4. Influence Purchase Decisions

SEO can help customers make that decision to actually buy and stay with your brand, directly boosting revenues.

The right SEO campaign will make sure that your brand is highly visible, and visible everywhere.

Digital marketing will supplement this by producing valuable, optimized content through a variety of channels, including social media, radio, T.V., and email.

When customers see a brand everywhere and across many different channels, they’re more likely to view that brand as credible, authoritative, and well-known.

They’ll feel more confident making a purchase from you as a result.

What’s more, SEO is a non-intrusive form of digital marketing. It never directly makes a sales pitch or asks for customers to fork over money.

5. SEO is Cost-Effective

The great beauty of SEO and digital marketing is that both are highly cost-effective for businesses everywhere. Web design, customer service training, and printing services can quickly add up.

But both SEO and digital marketing are, well, digital. While it’s important to rely on experts when implementing either, these services are highly affordable.

What’s more, both are significant investments that always have a high ROI.

SEO can help you get the brand visibility you need at the beginning in order to stay afloat in the future. Digital marketing can help you target new audiences you never thought you’d reach.

Brand visibility and audience reach are valuable results that can directly improve profit margins, at a very little cost to you.

6. Bring in Local Audiences

Local SEO means optimizing your digital content to reach local audiences. This may mean optimizing content for searches like “sustainable clothing store in Montreal” or “candy store nearby.”

Local SEO also ensures that you have multiple local citations through Google My Business, Yelp, and/or TripAdvisor. As a result, whenever someone performs a local search, if your business is in the area it will pop up at the top of search listings.

In this way, SEO can help bring in more local clientele through your doors. This is essential for startups or businesses with an emphatically local presence.

What’s more, you can optimize any other digital marketing efforts for local searches. For example, you can advertise a local event on Facebook and optimize these ads for keyword searches.

More locals means a more powerful reputation within your community. But this also means quite literally higher profits.

7. Make the Most of Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most important form of advertising out there.

This is because consumers are more likely to follow brands that produce intriguing, entertaining, or useful content. They are becoming pickier in a certain way, prioritizing companies that don’t immediately spout sales pitches.

Luckily, SEO and digital marketing will help you make the most of this trend.

A solid digital marketing campaign will identify the type of content that’s popular and where to implement it for the best results.

For example, let’s say you want to make the most of the fact that video is topping the charts of popular media forms. A powerful digital marketing campaign would incorporate video but take it one step further by introducing live video.

Live video doubles the engagement level of viewers. What’s more, video is searchable. Enter SEO.

Keep up with valuable content marketing trends by pursuing SEO and digital marketing efforts.

8. Rope in Social Media

SEO and digital marketing love social media. And guess what? Consumers also love social media.

Digital marketing and SEO help leverage your social media efforts in one go. This is because you can optimize all content you post on social media for specific keywords.

What’s more, launching a digital marketing campaign that brings in social media specifically can target users in a wildly effective way.

Remember what we said about the power of video? You can use Facebook Live to engage with your users face-to-face (literally!), implement SEO, and launch a digital marketing campaign.

All at the same time.

Can we get a round of applause?

It’s not just Facebook that’s a key player here. Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, and LinkedIn can all play the digital marketing game, helping you engage with users and get more conversions.

9. Get More Reviews

When you optimize your digital content for local searches, you give consumers a chance to write reviews about your services or products.

Online reviews are absolutely critical for you as a business. In fact, over eighty percent of consumers will make their choice about a purchase based off of an online review!

It’s important to generate consistent positive reviews from customers in order to grow your business.

There are many ways you can do this with SEO and digital marketing. With digital marketing, you can build a campaign around generating online reviews.

For example, you can launch a social media campaign that gives a special discount or promotion access to everyone who writes a review for your service. Perhaps you’ll enter all reviewers into a raffle.

The result is increased user engagement, a variety of leads, and more reviews! It’s that easy.

The best local SEO campaign will make sure that you have a variety of online citations. People who find your business through Yelp will be more likely to leave a review there if they check you out.

10. Reach New Markets

Lastly, the digital marketplace is expansive, and it’s only going to keep on growing. You maximize your brand reach simply by jumping into this marketplace.

It’s important to jump into this marketplace with strategy and foresight, however. SEO and digital marketing will help you identify the right markets within this global market.

What’s more, they will also help you reach audiences you never thought you’d reach. Local SEO can bring in a fresh local demographic, but global SEO can reach audiences of different mindsets, ages, and needs.

Digital marketing has the same capacity to generate content and technology that can reach new markets.

As a result, you’ll be expanding your reach and profit margins.

SEO and Digital Marketing: Final Thoughts

We are rapidly approaching a fully digital world. It’s important to make the most of this in your effort to boost your revenue.

Take advantage of SEO and digital marketing in order to expand your brand reach, bring in local customers, and leverage your social media channels. Transform your brand visibility for the better with a strategic SEO campaign. Introduce compelling and relevant content in your digital marketing efforts.

At the end of the day, both digital marketing and SEO can drive traffic to your website and help you engage with customers in the right way.

At Tjabo Digital, we don’t just believe in digital marketing and the power of SEO. We believe in pure business growth, and we’re here to help you achieve it through digital means.

Start a conversation with us today to see what we can do for your revenue!