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Webdesign for marketing

We design websites that are meant to bring you marketing success. Talk to us today so see how will design your website.

What We Do

We make sure that your website is an effective part of your business and increases your revenue – not just another site to look at.

Graphical design

Our designers have experience from a wide range of industries and know what works for you and in your industry. We will use your requests and ideas when we design your online home to make sure you are comfortable with your site while using our expertise to create something beautiful .

Mobile First

In this day and age mobile traffic is at an all time high, and it only keeps rising. For this reason, it is more important than ever to have websites that are made to handle mobile devices correctly. Our designs are first for mobile and only then for desktop.

UX optimization

Having a website that is hard to use and understand defeats the purpose of having one. Our website designs are intuitive and beautiful – all to make sure that your visitors have a pleasant visit to your site and that makes sure to bring them to the pages you want them to arrive at.

User interface optimization

By making sure that your website has the correct structure with clear avenues of navigation we optimize the journey your clients take on your website. Your site will not only be highly functional, but also beautiful to look at while bringing you the maximum possible.

Website Intuitivity

No one likes to guess where they need to go on a website. We all want to be able to easily understand what we need to do and where we need to go. By focusing on making your website intuitive and easy to navigate we shorten the distance between the page where they arrive to where they end up.

Website testing

We are never satisfied with how a website looks or performs. For this reason we continuosly test your website to understand where we can bring better results. We constantly compare two versions of your website to one another and modify the site according to the best results from your users.

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We bring you web design at its purest and most effective

Web design for business

Website design means more than creating a website that looks good. We develop websites that not only look great, but they play a fundamental role in driving visitors to convert into returning customers.

Conversion focused web design

We design from the ground up, to create a website that forms a seamless part of your web presence. We carefully test each element of your website – each button, image and line of copy – to get maximum SEO and conversion benefits and drive your business forward.

Responsive web design

Get a website that looks right on any screen and any device. Don’t settle for a ‘mobile version’ – over half of most business’ web traffic comes on mobile, from a wide range of device sizes. Your website needs to serve your customers effortlessly, with conversion elements and key copy accessible across devices.

Beautiful and effective web design

Web design that focuses on results can also be beautiful and easy to use. We build UX and branding considerations into every decision we make on your site, because we know that the impressions your users take away are just as important as what they do on your site.

Custom web design

Design from templates is rarely good design. One size never quite fits anyone, and templates constrain design choices and prevent you responding to your data. At Tjabo, experienced web developers create your site in line with your business needs and adapt it to your users to maximize traffic, conversions and revenue for your business.

Answers to Your Questions

How much does a new website cost?

This question has multiple answers and they depend on the size and the complexity of the website. The more advanced features you want the higher the price. Let us know what your needs are and we will tell you what your investment will be.

When will my website be up?

We generally manage to have a working website for you between 4-6 weeks, but time tables may change or vary depending on the amount of changes that we encounter during the project, and also the complexity of the project. As soon as we have a clear understanding of your needs we will be able to give you a closer time table and date of launch.

Do I need you to manage my website?

You can either let us manage the website for you after launch, but we also have training so that you can manage it on your own. If you are new to managing a website we will teach you how to do the basic things on your own, and we then usually manage the more technical and complex aspects.

Will you make sure my site works on mobile?

For sure! With the amount of traffic to websites on mobile devices today we need to make sure that your site looks good on mobile as well. When we create a page we make sure that it looks as good on mobile as it does on desktop. 

When do I need to pay you?

Generally there is a 30% payment opportunity when you sign the contract with us. After that you make a part payment of 30% when the design is finished and you have approved it and before we start programming. The last payment opportunity is when the site is ready and just before we launch it.

Do you have a guarantee?

You are involved in your project every step of the way, and we come to you for approvals when we need them. At every stage of the project you sign off on the stages so there shouldn’t be huge issues after we have launched. However, we do offer a 3 month guarantee period where we will make changes to your website if there are issues you didnt realize before launch.

Come and join us!

We would love to work together with you and bring you the successes we have had with other current and past clients. Let us help you reach the rankings where you deserve to be – and stay there!