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Search Engine Marketing

By applying the correct marketing strategies to your PPC we will make sure that you stay one step ahead of the competition. 

What We Do

We craft and optimize marketing strategies for search engines to grow your client base and increase your bottom line.

Campaign Creation

Our PPC management starts with creating your marketing ads and crafting them according to your need and your unique value proposition for your clients. 

Ads content creation

We create all the content for your ads in house, as well as your landing pages. By doing this we make sure to have the highest quality score possible to lower your ads cost.

Analysis and Optimization

We continuosly monitor and optimize your ads to make sure that they have maximum impact and bring you the best results possible. 

PPC Consulting

Do you already have a marketing campaign running? No worries, we perform complete audits to make sure that you get the most out of your campaigns and reach the biggest audience possible. 

Conversion Rate Optimization

We optimize the ads and measure their success to increase the conversions. We test them and measure their impact. When we change your ads it is on a solif foundation of data that has proven itself through our tests.

PPC Strategy

We lay out complete PPC strategies for you to approve before we get started. These strategies are then the basis for our work, and for our testing. By adhearing to set strategies we maximize your ads ROI.

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Through our years of experience we have seen the road to succeess. 

What is search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing is about getting your business found via search engines. We use a mix of traffic acquisition strategies to drive the right visitors to your site. Tjabo uses paid SEM in conjunction with organic search and marketing efforts to achieve synergistic effects across channels and accelerate your business’ growth. We’ve been doing it in one of the toughest markets in the world for two decades, and now we’d love to do it for you.

It’s all about the ROI…

That’s why we track everything. Every click, every ad, every landing page. So we can show how much you’re getting back for your marketing spend, and help you make the right decisions to maximise results and profits for your business.

Landing Pages

Every ad campaign needs a landing page. Landing pages need to be carefully matched to the ads, traffic and strategic purpose they serve, making sure promises, copy and keywords sync up across each stage of the buyer journey. Our high converting landing pages will make the most of the traffic your paid search marketing generates.

Display Advertising

Get your ads seen on some of the world’s most visited websites. Achieve positive brand association and build a bigger audience, while targeting the right demographics, geographic locations and market for your business.


Use pay per click services like AdWords to give you control over keywords, audience and budget. Appear in search results immediately and sculpt the right traffic for your business right from day one.


Show highly-targeted ads to people who have already visited your site. Build lead nurturing processes that encourage repeat visits, engagement and purchase/signup. Get 92% reach across millions of websites, videos and devices.

Answers to Your Questions

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Enging Marketing is any paid marketing that you engage in, whether it is search, display, remarketing and more. It has become one of the most effective way of promoting your business on the search engines and it yields quicker results than SEO as an example. 

Where can I see my ads?

If you run search ads you will see them on the top of every search page on Google. The results say “AD” next to it and they are always presented before the organic results. 

Why is PPC important?

More and more users are clicking on PPC ads. Historically there has been a user aversion towards clicking on ads, however this is starting to dissipate and the clicks on ads have now surpassed any other marketing segment in the online space.

What are the benefits of PPC ads?

Getting on the first page of Google, or any other search engine, can be quite complicated and take time. PPC will yield results much quicker than organic tactics as they will be seen instantly and you craft the ad the way you want to make sure your audience clicks on it.

How do I define success in a PPC campaign?

The short answer is: do you make more money on your campaign than you spend? Then that is a success. Have you set a number of visitors or new customer that you want and reached it? That’s a success. For every campaign we set goals and then measure if we meet them. As soon as we have met the campaign goal we call that a success. That is not saying that we will stop optimizing, we will continue for as long as your campaign is live. 

Come and join us!

We would love to work together with you and bring you the successes we have had with other current and past clients. Let us help you reach the rankings where you deserve to be – and stay there!