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Social discovery

Social discovery is the act of finding relevant information about anything based on advice, reviews, or social media posts.  Social media users can recommend products or services and share their opinions on them.  Social discovery can be provided on social networks, mobile apps, and any other platforms that allow reviews.

People get to shop based on testimonials and feedback from social sharing networks. This is because they get confidence from others’ experiences making it easier for them to make buying decisions.

Why is social discovery import?

Social discovery keeps you in a better position to penetrate your chosen niche. It helps businesses know: who are the influential people in your niche, what search words are used, what are people talking about, and the views on current and future growth prospects of your business.

Businesses can use social discovery to bring further insight, business opportunities, and provide a highly interactive content format.

Brand monitoring and social listening is a complex task that is made easier for you using our social discovery tools. Once we have helped you develop and grow your online presence, we will go further to help you engage and monitor conversations around your brand and competition.

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