Content Marketing

Content Marketing


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What is content marketing?

Content marketing is marketing a business by sharing educational, insightful or entertaining information that’s relevant to your customers.

Unlike ads or direct response marketing, content marketing is about getting the attention of potential customers and giving them information, rather than directly persuading them to buy.

It’s one of the most commonly-adopted methods of marketing – 88% of B2B organizations use it.

It’s also one of the most powerful, driving growth in website traffic and business size that can be in the hundreds of percent per year.

Content marketing strategy

Content marketing is most effective when it’s strategic. Instead of just pumping out content at volume and hoping, Tjabo works with you to identify the content marketing methods and activities that best suit your audience, then implements them for you. We’ll build a content strategy that matches and accelerates your business strategy.

SEO and Content marketing

Content marketing and SEO work together. Your blog posts, videos, white papers and ebooks all attract inbound links from other websites and increase rank and visibility. And each functions to attract search traffic in its own right. Within each piece of content, Tjabo works to extract the maximum possible SEO value.

Content marketing blog

Your blog is a major business asset. It’s about branding, SEO, and it’s about informing your audience about who you are and what you do. When your blog is handled right it’s one of the most productive lead and traffic acquisition tools around.

Video content marketing

The web is becoming more visual, and video content is increasingly chosen by business and consumer purchasers and audiences. Tjabo will create, promote and integrate video content into an overall content marketing strategy,.

Lead magnets

High value content pieces like white papers and ebooks can be used to encourage signup, or other conversion activities, as well as being powerful link magnets and encouraging traffic.

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