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Digital Marketing

Maximise the effectiveness of your online presence

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing entails many of the same strategies you’ve used in print advertisements and public relations campaigns, but it incorporates new tactics that only work online.

Your goals will remain the same. You want to increase awareness of your business and the products you offer with the ultimate goal of increasing sales. To do so, mix paid advertising, public and media outreach, search engine optimization, and digital reputation management.

Reasons You Should Use a Digital Marketing Strategy

A list of elements to focus on can easily become overwhelming without a clear strategy to keep you on track and help you make fast decisions when confronted with new tactics.

The benefit of a strategy is that it gives you a guide to use when assessing new opportunities and ideas to make sure they further your strategy before you commit.

Here are keys to developing a sound and effective strategy:

  • Start with a firm budget. Set your annual marketing budget so you know how much you have to work with.
  • Set goals. Think about what needs to happen to make your business successful.
  • Use goals to plan. Map out where you want to get to, and then reverse engineer your plan to make it meet your goals.
  • Be flexible. New opportunities will come your way all year long. Use your strategy to decide whether they are right for you.
  • Build in assessment. Campaign analysis is a critical and often overlooked part of a marketing strategy.

A digital marketing strategy will help you position your business for success as you try new marketing tools and tactics.

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